About us

WattsUp Power – revolutionizing energy storage in the world.

WattsUp Power was founded April 1st 2014, by a dedicated group of specialists with several years of experience with in alternative energy and high-speed spinning machinery. HQ is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.
WattsUp Power designs, develops and distributes advanced high-quality energy storage systems for domestic consumers and industrial customers, both with varying needs for energy storage and power distribution requirements. WUP focus its activities in Europe, the United States, Asia Pacific, and South America.

WattsUp Power currently carries two central product families; a low cost domestic energy storage device with a 70kWh power capacity, and an industrial energy storage device with a 250kWh energy storage capacity. The industrial device has been further expanded into an on-shore and an off-shore product line.

The WUP Flywheel has superior energy storage capabilities compared to all other energy storage solutions on the global market. Additionally, compared to conventional battery technology, WUP’s Flywheel does NOT included any dangerous chemicals or substances, nor is it flammable or explosive. The WUP Flywheel has a long life cycle (+20 years), and can be recycled 100%. In other words, the WUP Flywheel is a 100% clean and green solution, perfectly adapted for storing alternative energy, optimizing power distribution or optimizing fuel consumption of conventional fuel powered generators.

WattsUp Power has patented and is the owner of all key technologies used in our products.
The organization consists of an experienced management team with an in-depth knowledge of the energy storage markets, customers and technical capabilities. In addition, WattsUp Power has a dedicated team of technical and sales professionals with many years of experience in product development, energy storage, power grid operations, and international partnerships.