Peak power demand

Correcting momentary imbalances in generation and load is critical to maintaining a stable power grid. However, achieving this balance in real-time has always been a challenging task due to the time it takes conventional power generators to ramp their power output up or down to support these constant power system fluctuations. WattsUp Power flywheel storage systems have much faster ramp rates than traditional generation and can correct imbalances sooner with much greater accuracy and efficiency. In fact, WattsUp Power flywheels can ramp to full power nearly instantaneously. This fast response makes flywheels and ideal resource to provide regulation services thus freeing up thermal generators to service the energy market and operate at higher output levels, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emission rates. The steadier operation also reduces generator wear and tear and associated system operation and maintenance costs.


Constantly available frequency regulation resources are becoming more critical to maintaining grid reliability, especially as intermittent generation increases alter the dynamics of the generation supply stack.