Energy Storage is today a global challenge. The global energy consumption is going up and new technologies for optimization of the available resources is needed.


WattsUp Power is a technology leader within utilizing the flywheel technology as energy storage. Cutting edge patented technology allows WattsUp Power to offer superior energy storage which offers best in class performance on all key parameters like; power efficiency, power deliver, and functional lifetime.


WattsUp Power offers a cost effective and modular solution, which allows our customers to use standard power electronics to integrate the WattsUp Power flywheels into different applications.


Flywheel – energy storage is a rotating mechanical device that stores rotational kinetic energy, which then can be used at a later time. Flywheel energy storage has a significant moment of inertia and thus resist changes in rotational speed. The amount of energy stored in a flywheel is proportional to the square of its rotational speed. Energy is transferred to a flywheel by applying torque to it, thereby increasing its rotational speed, and hence its stored energy. Conversely, a flywheel releases stored energy by applying torque to a mechanical load, thereby decreasing its rotational speed.

Flywheels can respond to a number of different control signals, and they can be used in a wide variety of applications, from power peak shaving, instant power needs, and optimization of alternative energy production and as emergency power. Flywheels provide a fast frequency regulation, frequency response, act as a fast power reserve and can provide reactive power. Flywheels can be installed into any power grid application, whether it is a DC Bus, a power grid infrastructure like a transmission or distribution grid or even in remote connected or isolated grids.